Citrusy Boozy Peruvian Brunch

The zesty, fresh flavor of ceviche mixed with the sweet tanginess of a passion fruit mimosa is an outstanding culinary experience that everyone should try.

I love everything that ceviche has to offer. Seafood is by far my favorite type of food, and having the raw fish immersed in lemony acidic seasonings brings out the best aspect of the seafood.

Pisco y Nazca, a ceviche gastro bar in DC adds a Peruvian twist to the classic American boozy brunch with exciting, fresh flavors, making the brunch experience much more lively. They have a $30 pre fixe menu with 3 different courses plus an additional $18 for 2 hours unlimited drinks, or you can choose anything from their appetizing main menu.

White Sangria

My friends all got the pre fixe menu, but I rebelled and ordered a separate ceviche and entrée, although I did stick to the brunch drinks. The drink choices were mimosas, red and white sangria and my ultimate favorite the passion mimosa, which I have never seen before, but want to add to my weekly diet.

Leche de Tigre

Whilst indulging in the refreshing drinks we received our first course. I was eager for my Leche de Tigre ceviche to arrive, but while my friend’s plates looked divine , I was a little disappointed to see my ceviche arriving in a cup. Although the ceviche would have been much more appetizing and convenient to eat in a plate, it was was one of the most delicious dishes I have had. The soft texture of the fish combined with the crunchiness of the corn and sourness of the lemon tasted exquisite. All other first courses received raving palate reviews as well, and were appreciated as being plated in an actual plate.

Causa Crocante
Causa de Pancita

The entrees, thankfully all in plates were beautifully presented and delectable. The rice with seafood was soft and wholesome and the Ceviche Cremoso had a lovely rich and zesty flavor which got devoured very quickly.

Ceviche Cremoso
Arroz Con Mariscos

After the first two courses our bellies were happily full, but who could look at these beautifully crafted leche desserts and not continue to stuff their faces. Both the cheese cake and meringue desserts were melt in your mouth scrumptious and a brilliant cap to a delightful brunch.

Arroz con Leche Cheesecake

To say I would definitely come back here is an understatement. Perhaps mostly for the passion mimosa, which tickled my taste buds, but also to taste another one of their heavenly ceviches.

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  1. Mustafa & Rashida Sachak says:


    You have said fixe menu – is it meant to be fixed?


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