Ashley’s Pumpkin Porridge

Ashely’s plan on feeding her two giant roommates is so far going really well. She’s the housewife in our house.

She started off with her signature pumpkin porridge.

Her recipe was relatively simple:
1. cut the pumpkin into small pieces(like small cubes) and steam them.
2. Put those pumkin cubes into rice. Add water and stir so the rice granules won’t stick to the bottom of pan. Adjust your water depends on how smooth you want your porridge be
3. Season with some sugar or salt depending on your preference.

Her southern Chinese style pumpkin porridge was alot different from what I use to have back in Korea. It had a more chunky and nutty texture. Korean pumpkin porridge is made out of mashed pumpkin with sweet rice puree. It has a smoother texture.

I personally really liked Ashely’s style of pumpkin porridge. It has not only gave me such comfort in this rainy chilly day in Carlisle but also brought all those good ole childhood memories back in Seoul, Korea.

p.s The picture may be a little ugly, but it’s beautiful inside. Ughh camera can never capture things right.

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