Politically Amped Brunch Spot

Brunch is by far the best meal of any day! After a long week, there is nothing like a comforting and delectable weekend brunch. And when there is some political controversy in the names of menu items, it makes brunch that much more interesting.

Morning Glory in Philadelphia is a lively diner style restaurant that always has people queued up outside for a meal. The entrance of the restaurant is unique, it seems that you are coming in the back entrance and the waiting area is someone’s little backyard. Although there is a short wait time, there are chairs in the ‘backyard’ and an electronic fire-pit to keep you warm in the winter.

The inside of Morning Glory is small and cozy, but full of energy and soul. The kitchen is out in the open, and one can sit on a bar stool across from all the cooking action. The menu, and the names of dishes really add to the character and fervor of the restaurant. Their dish names not only have a sense of love and spice to them, but with an added side of politics.  Maker:S,Date:2017-8-27,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y

As much as I admired the name of the frittata, I did not order it this time around. I did, however, order the most wordy menu item – WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A “CAPER” SCRAMBLE”. Another name I thought was quite interesting and caught my attention. With of course the added benefit of having some of my favorite foods; eggs, salmon and goat cheese. My ideal brunch meal! My brother ordered the enticing, fruity french toast, which we just had to share because of my major food jealousy. The french toast was warm, soft with glazed peaches and apples, sprinkled with icing sugar and a dollop of fresh cream of the side which is perfectly paired with their syrup. Made to perfectly satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth! All round the perfect meal for a happy, fulfilling and entertaining family brunch.



Written by Fatema Sachak

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