Brunching Abroad – Heim Cafe

Traveling is one of the most beneficial ways to see the beauty our world has to offer, engage in cultural exchange, learn histories of many countries and best of all, try amazing and different cuisines!

Heim Cafe in Lisbon does not necessarily serve the most typical Portuguese cuisine the city has to offer, however, this cozy cafe, situated on an emblematic cobble stoned street close to the center of the city provides, an open and energetic ambiance that is resonated throughout Lisbon. The cafe has one menu which does not change for each meal throughout the day, but offers an incredibly delicious range of food that cannot be turned down no matter the time of day. They offer exquisite and unique salads, sweet and savory toasts, melt in your mouth sandwiches which can feed two people, and then, their brunches. Their brunches are a feast! Fried or scrambled eggs with either sausage, bacon or smoked salmon, toast and a type of salad. After simply eating the first part of the meal I was explosively full. But there was more to come! Fresh fruit, orange juice and a waffle drizzled with caramel, berries and almond slivers to perfectly tap off the meal. I could barely eat after demolishing the first half of the meal, but how could I stop after seeing this? The fruit, juice and waffle had a type of freshness and earthiness that I don’t find as often in the U.S. With every bite there was a richness and beauty that is indescribable and can only be explained through the greatness of taste!


My family and I loved this cafe during our trip to Lisbon, so of course we had to return to the small restaurant for another meal. Finding a seat in the petite cafe was a little difficult with four people in the mid mornings, but we enjoyed waiting outside in the cool breeze, watching passerby and customers outside enjoying the sunlight, smoking a cigarette and drinking their coffee or juice, in a manner that most tourists imagine. The image is picturesque, watching a life that seems well lived. After sitting down, right by the window onlooking the street (most certainly the ideal location), I began my meal with a coffee and people watching. The simple act of sitting at a cafe with a hot beverage and watching people continue with their daily lives is a calming, yet interesting activity that Europeans are no strangers to. They certainly understand the right way to eat and drink.

This time around, for the main meal, I had to try something different – repetition is boring! It is so easy to eat unhealthily during a vacation, so I decided for once to have a salad containing greens, avocado, halloumi, an egg and quinoa, and it was without question, one of the best salads I have had to date. Granted there was a lot of cheese which makes everything better!

So if you are ever in Lisbon and are looking for a great breakfast/brunch/lunch/snack place, Heim cafe will over deliver on your high expectations. Just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the cafe, and stare out into the distance of other people’s lives while enjoying a fantastic meal!


Fatema Sachak

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