DC World Tour, Georgia – Supra

Cheesy, charred bread bowls, a spread of specialty fermented wine, and traditional flavorful soup dumplings are simply a few of the awe-inspiring dining delights which Supra has to offer. This Georgian restaurant, decorated with traditional fleecy white Papakha hats hanging from the ceilings was the perfect first trip on my DC world tour. Located on the bustling 11th street in Mount Vernon Square, it gets quite busy during dinner, especially on the weekends, so be prepared to make a reservation in advance.

I ventured here with some friends to start my quest to try the many different cuisines which DC has to offer, and to gain even the smallest insight into the different cultures through food. I had never tried Georgian food, the thought never crossed my mind. Thankfully that changed!

We arrived very hungry, and early for our reservation to Supra and were greeted and seated on one of their brown cushioned benches by the wall. I initially wanted to sit outside and experience the calming summer evening weather, but note that you have to request that in your reservation. Nevertheless, once seated we were greeted with ice cold water and the menu containing an array of exquisite dishes, that it was very difficult to choose. If only my stomach and wallet were bigger.

Eventually we decided, and picked the starter Eggplant Nigzvit, because how can you not love eggplant! This small pleasure consists of eggplant (of course) wrapped in a walnut garlic paste with herbs. I could probably eat 5 of them and still want more.


The next dish I had been looking at and dreaming of since we decided to eat here a week earlier and I could not be happier with my decision. Arjaruli, bread baked to perfection with melted high class cheese, topped with a raw egg and butter is a dish out of a Georgian dream. Once this arrived, the waiter mixed the raw egg into the hot cheese so that it cooked with the heat of the bread and cheese. We were then informed, that the correct way to eat Arjaruli is to break of pieces off the bread and dip it into the delicious melted eggy cheese. Near the end of the meal we were excessively full, but my friend simply had to order one more Arjaruli because he needed to eat a little bit more of heaven.



Our last dish was the Lyulya Kebab, a lamb kebab garnished with peppers and onions and placed on a grilled khachapuri flatbread. This type of kebab is typical to the Georgian area, and therefore was a must on my cultural food journey. The mix of spices and the flatbread were very flavorful, and I must admit it was different from other kebabs I have tasted; however, it was a little dry. In spite of this small snag, I devoured it, and it went very well when dipped in their spicy sauce and topped with the cheese of the Arjaruli. All the plates were cleaned by the end of our meal.


Not only does this restaurant offer mouthwatering lunches and dinners, but they have a brunch menu available as well as a separate bar at the back with Happy Hours from 3-6 pm featuring Georgian wines, and cocktails with a Georgian twist. And of course they have food, how could one forget that! I have not tried the Happy Hour yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will be back to try all that this restaurant and cuisine has to offer.


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  1. My mouth is watering!! Looks delicious


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