Turkiye – Cappa Gusto

Turkey, definitely one of the most magnificent and breathtaking places I have visited, with an endless, profound culture and cuisine.

During our family holiday, in our favourite city, Cappadocia, the exquisite city of caves, we had one of the best meals in the country. Clearly unfamiliar with the area, we asked our friendly host at the hotel for any good local restaurants in the city. Our host suggested Cappa Gusto, a restaurant a minute walk from the hotel. At first we wanted to wander about and see what is out there, but due to proximity and convenience we decided to give this restaurant a try.

I am extremely happy that we decided to take the hotel’s suggestion, because the whole experience of Cappa Gusto was one of wonders. We sat on the top floor, and although located at the bottom of a hill, we had a beautiful view of a cave castle which could be seen through their wide glass windows. The high ceiling topped with small, chic chandeliers and flowers on vines attached to wall produced a pleasant fine dining atmosphere.


As soon as we arrived we were seated immediately which was perfect because we were all starving from our long day of sightseeing. My family loves eggplant, and with eggplant being a main ingredient in Turkish cuisine, deciding on the starter of eggplant salad was a no brainer. One starter just wasn’t enough, and our love for mushrooms as well drew us to order to mushrooms on clay (topped with cheese of course). The eggplant was so incredibly delicious that all of us were trying to scrape the bottom of the bowl making sure we devoured it entirely. The mushrooms were lovely, especially cooked in clay, but unfortunately was overpowered by the eggplant dish that it could not compare.


For the main meal, as a family of four we ordered three additional plates which was more than enough for us, given the portions were quite large and filling. After several minutes of debate we finally decided on the Sultan’s Delight, mashed eggplant topped with lamb stew; Cappa meatball and Veal ribs. The Sultan’s Delight was by far the best dish I had in Turkey. I, nor my parents are the biggest fans of lamb, but this lamb stew was tender, and the eggplant was melt in your mouth divine. The Cappa meatball, although difficult to compare to the plate of kings was another flavor firework. The meat was perfectly charred on the outside, and soft to touch. After the first two brilliant dishes, unfortunately the veal ribs did not live up to our expectations. The meat was a little tougher and was definitely overshadowed by it’s predecessor foods.

Cappa Gusto not only delivered on an exquisite meal, but an overall splendid evening and lovely experience. If you decide to visit the enchanting cave city of Cappadocia, it’s a necessity to have a meal at this restaurant before leaving, to indulge in the delicacies of the region.

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