Turkiye – NusrEt

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s bustling Grand Bazaar, this mouthwatering steak restaurant is a true Turkish delight. A stark contrast to the commotion and bargaining of lamps and spices in the Grand Bazaar, off to the side, is NusrEt is an open plan restaurant, surrounded by lavish Turkish and French stores selling only the most expensive rugs and jewelry. Thirteen tiered chandeliers hang from the ceiling and all waiters are dressed in a tuxedo, white jacket and black bow tie, to give the look of a true fine dining experience.  IMG_20190615_150351

A fine dining steak experience is not what one expects of Turkish cuisine, but NusrEt really delivers on the quality and style of their meat. Can’t decide what to eat, that’s not a problem, you can take a peak at their different meats and simply pick what you want, and they’ll cook it for you to perfection, just the way you like it.


Tender, juicy, buttery filet, rib-eye or any piece of your choosing, these meats are all divine. Once the steaks are served, the well dressed waiters come to your table to sprinkle some course salt onto your sizzling steaks exactly as done in the meme salt bae – entertaining and delicious! The plates are scorching, so wait a bit before digging in. But fear not, the few minutes are well worth the wait. The absolute melt in your mouth steak, and the exquisite rich sides provide a phenomenal cuisine experience that makes traveling all the way to Istanbul that much tastier!





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