Leftover Goodness and an Exploding Sweet Potato


It can be such a nuisance to think of what to do with leftover food, especially if you are sick of eating the same meal for a couple of days straight – the same food is so boring. The excitement in food is mixing it up with some new seasoning and adding an easy to make new ingredient.

I was eating chicken salad for 2 days, lunch and dinner, but still had extra chicken. Frankly as healthy as I like to be, there is only that much plain chicken salad I can consume. Making a leftover dish is super fun and easy because majority of the work is already done. The chicken was cooked and the spinach was ready. All I had to do was lightly stir fry the chicken and mushrooms with some salt, lemon pepper and chili flakes to add a touch of tang, and then cut the spinach. The extra side was a sweet potato, healthy and yummy! Very easy to cook in the microwave for a few minutes, however, me being a crazy mess, the sweet potato exploded slightly in the microwave, giving my roommates quite the laugh. I forgot to poke holes in the potato before microwaving it – a lesson to learn for next time (although my roommates would prefer if I mess up so they have more things to laugh at). Once I contained the mini microwave explosion, I cooked it until if was nice and soft, and added some lemon pepper and yogurt to get a melange of sweet and salty taste. Eat it all together and it is a great tasting leftover goodness!

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