Ughh.. I had such bad late night cravings for Korean food..its the absolute worst.

So I found this Korean restaurant, Korealicious in Mechanicsburg. I don’t have high expectations for Korean restaurants here in the US in general but I gave it a try.

It is a small restaurant but surprisingly has everything I wanted! This is what their menu is like:


My friends and I ordered Bibmbap(Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetable), Soondubu jjigae(soft tofu stew), and Bulgogi(Korean grilled beef). Food came out pretty quickly. I personally liked bibimbap the best.


In case you’ve never heard of Bibimbap, it’s a Korean dish that combines rice, seasoned vegetables, meat, sunny-side-up fried egg and a variety of other toppings. While bibimbap here may not be totally authentic in my high Korean standard but I still liked it alot! I would definitely recommend it🙆

Soondubu jigae was flavorful but seafood in general wasn’t that fresh. We are in central PA..most of them were frozen seafood sadly.


Bulgogi was sweet and juicy. It goes so well with korean sticky rice.


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